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A classic Oregonian fruit and undisputed Pacifc Northwest treasure, Marionberry wins the hearts of blackberry enthusiasts worldwide with her distinguished big-bottom, jam-packed with rich, buttery indulgence. Designed at Oregon State University in collaboration with the USDA in the 1940’s, this premium blackberry cultivar tour de force features a first name and prestigious pedigree to prove it. Bred to impress, Marionberry steals the show with a jammy, deep sweetness that melds gracefully with velvety tartness in a lush mouth-feel and harmonious intensity. She never leaves the stage without her signature big finish, a gratuitous bow dressed in elegant florals and notes of molasses, dried fruit, subtle earthiness, and warm spice, leaving your tastebuds roaring with applause. It’s no wonder our Marionberry Jam is a smash hit, it delivers a full sensory experience of epic proportions! 

Marionberry Jam


Buy 5 for $60

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