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What makes your jam special?

Our small batch fruit products are infused with love that you can taste. From the cultivars to the farm to the jar, each part of the process is managed by folks who care deeply about the land, the fruit, the product.


Starting with exceptional fruit certainly doesn't hurt, either. The fine farmers, horticulturalists and land-tenders of Oregon and the Willamette Valley produce world class, sustainable varietals of berries and fruits. We consider ourselves lucky to be capturing that love into the jar of jam that we live for.

Where do you get your fruit?

We partner with local family farms here in the Willamette Valley. That means that most of our fruit travels no more than 25 miles from farm to jar. 

Am I saying it right?!

The "L" in Big Jalm is silent! It stands for Love, which we like to say, you can taste, but you can't hear!

Do you offer co-packing services?

Do you have an event like a corporate party wedding or gift baskets that you distribute? Let Big Jalm provide you with customizable and unique jams. Whether you use our label or your own, our jams are sure to be a hit with your guests.


We also cater to farm stands and small you-pick farms, as we are able to run small productions.


Wholesale pricing is available as well as custom flavors and design.  Email us for more information. 

Is there sugar in it?

Yes! Sugar is our preservative. The sugar content of all of our jams is 65 Brix. This can be roughly interpreted as 65% sugar. 


Fun fact: 65 Brix is the minimum sugar content required by the FDA for a fruit product to be considered a "jam" or "fruit preserve", and we actually use 10% less sugar than most other jams! 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We sure do! If you are a looking to stock our product on your store shelves, incorporate it in menu items at your bakery, restaurant, or bar, add it to gift baskets for your event, or otherwise put it to good use for your business, we got you covered! Head on over to our wholesale page to learn more.

Do you offer local deliver?

Nothing makes us happier than hand-delivering jam to your front door. We offer free local delivery for orders within a 15 mile radius around the Portland metro area.


Are you just outside our window? Send us a message and we may be able to accommodate you. You can also visit any number of our retail locations around the valley click here to find out where.

What's the best way to store an opened jar?

We recommend storing all your jams in a cupboard or pantry, opened or otherwise. Our fruit preserves are shelf stable by design, so refrigeration is unnecessary. 

Is your jam organic?

We are not a certified organic product; however, we are a clean label brand, with all responsibly sourced non-GMO ingredients.


All of our fruit comes from small family farms that are committed to ethical farming practices like limited watering and use of non-chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Where do you ship?

Big Jalm ships everywhere in the United States, territories, or military bases, and we do it for free! Anywhere the USPS goes, we go, at zero cost to you.


Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to ship internationally. While our jams are insatiably delicious, international shipping fees make the cost prohibitive.

What happens if a jar breaks during shipping?

Although this is a very rare occurrence, broken jars or loose lids can occur with shipped orders. If your package arrives with damaged contents please contact us immediately and we'll be sure to make it right.


We know firsthand how upsetting this can be, but rest assured we will remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

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