Tayberries, a hybrid of raspberry and blackberry, combine a bright, floral opening with dark rich sweetness for a sophisticated jam. One of our best sellers!

Tayberry Jalm

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  • This is the berry that started it all! These berries are difficult to pick and even more difficult to ship fresh. Since they grow nearby, we can go directly to the source and share this amazing fruit nationwide. 

    The brightness of raspberry and blackberry's depth of flavor come together in the delicate tayberry. These delicate berries form the jam that started it all. Tayberries were developed on the Tay River in Dundee, Scotland in 1979. The tayberry is a sophisticated addition to breakfast, lemonade, or even tri-tip steaks. 

    ​Collected at West Union Gardens in Hillsboro, OR

    Ingredients: tayberries, sugar, pectin, citric acid, salt