“The King of Blackberries”, marionberries are prized for their flavor, large size, and juicy fruit compared to many other blackberries. The dark, earthy sweetness, like Cabernet grapes, is a true taste of Oregon. We make this jam with whole fruit.

Marionberry Jalm

  • The marionberry is closely associated with Oregon fruit. They are tart and sweet with a complex flavor that is compared to Cabernet grapes. 

    Developed in 1956 in Marion county, Oregon, these berries have a sizable genealogy to create one of the best tasting berries available. Marionberries are delicate, in spite of their big flavor. They become difficult to find fresh outside of their growing region and are only available frozen or preserved outside of their season. Their long thorns make picking them a perilous adventure, but that risk reaps great reward.

    This marionberry jam offers a glimpse at the amazing quality of fresh produce grown and available here in Oregon. Try a dollop Big Jalm marionberry jam on a salmon filet for an authentic taste of the Pacific Northwest.

    Collected at West Union Gardens in Hillsboro, OR

    Ingredients: blackberries, sugar, pectin, citric acid, salt