West Union Gardens

Since 1987, Cheryl and Jeff Boden have owned and run West Union Gardens with the help of their family. They strive to keep a great work environment for their skilled staff who hand-harvest all crops. Providing fair employment practices and caring for their staff is a reason that some employees have worked there for decades.


West Union Gardens is truly a family farm. The Bodens live and work on site, making it both a business and a home. For over 30 years, they have worked to improve the land, their community, and offer the finest quality produce. 


Big Jalm has partnered with West Union Gardens, not only for the amazing fruit that they grow, but because they are a farm with values that align with our own. Stop by West Union Gardens in the summer to taste the fruit first hand and pick up some Big Jalm while you’re there. Big Jalm is the official jam maker for West Union Gardens.